The “Jeanamitabh” project It is in 2002 that Jeanne PERE - a retired French teacher – decides to get involved in helping some fifty illiterate small children. Lost in the streets of Bodhgaya, begging, shivering with cold and hunger, these children expressed all the poverty of Bihar, one of the poorest regions of India. Today, “Mummy Jee” — as she has been baptized by the children and the people of Bodhgaya — and the small team of the “Jeanamitabh Welfare Trust” are giving their dignity back to those chidlren in need. A boarding school of 200 students, and 7 primary schools in the states of Bihar and Jharkhand, are now offering education for the children, medical care and social development for the villagers. Thus after an agreement signed by the parents — or guardians — we offer a roof over the heads of those children, food, clothes, education and medical care, without any financial participation from the parents. This humanitarian project takes place in Bodhgaya, located about one hundred kms from Patna, the capital of Bihar, one of the poorest states in the indian continent. Our project will focus on several points and try to also develop social activities in the neighbouring villages The three projects we are currently working on are : Education Health Social projects of development, notably in the poor villages around Bodhgaya. These three projects are interdependent. The first goal of this humanitarian project is to take those street-children out of the street, to take them out of the cycle of begging and exploitation, to lodge them, to feed them, to educate them and to thus restore them in the human dignity, with the hope that, later, they will also get involved in improving social conditions in their villages, follow with their studies, or play an important role in their country and in this world. Our goal : that later some of our students will be able, after university studies, to hold key positions in their country.